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3. The geographic cure and roller coasters

September 26, 2011

3. Life is Change. A cliché for sure. Life is change and then you die. But what does it mean to really embrace it? I know that it doesn’t mean that one must become a thrillseeker. Actually, often when I’ve sought out the day-to-day equivalent of the extra bumpy roller coaster at the amusement park, it’s because I’m afraid of actually facing what’s in front of me, of what actual change portends. It’s called, in some circles, the geographic cure. If I pick up and move across country, or I replace the boyfriend, or I get a dog – all of my troubles will be cured. Everything will feel comfy and cozy again and I won’t have to face the real and unavoidable changes that are coming, whether I will or no. Pulling a geographic is also about the illusion of control. If change is coming, then by god, I’m going to say when and how and where. Then I feel safe– despite the fact that I’m approaching the second upside-down loop of the Extreme Demon Vortex.

I don’t mean that we can’t make choices in our life. But how powerful, how extraordinary if we can let go and allow the changes to roll over us like the tide? First – see the problems. What is not working in your job, marriage, house, or most importantly – interior life? Second, accept them. Feel those #@#$@# feelings. I’m afraid. I’m exhilarated. I’m angry. I’m disappointed. Third, take action. Make conscious choices with no expectations. And finally, sit back again, and let go, again and always, and see where those choices take us. Because real roller coasters are actually very safe and can be fun. In moderation, of course.


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