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22. Where we live

December 7, 2011

I grew up in a suburb of the city I now live in. When I was a kid, there was my suburb filled with rolling hills and hippies driving BMW’s,  Then there was the next suburb out – flatter, more tract houses, hotter, and (in my mind) infinitely distant from the compelling urbanity of the city. I couldn’t wait to get into the city –-as far away as I could get, I thought, from matchy matchy socks and sun-streaked hair. In the city, people talked about literature and politics. In the city, people wore glasses.

But of course, understanding changes (see post #3).  A few weeks ago,  I visited that other suburb – the opposite pole – the repelling side of the magnet. And yes, I saw more blonde, and more light-colored clothes, and people tended to be a little overweight – kind of like me. It was also beautiful. Mid-century homes nestled in the same golden rolling hills I grew up with (because we were really only ten minutes away). I took my dog for a walk in those hills. From the top, the bay stretched out below me  in a shimmery mist of sun and light. Plus, people talked to me. I asked a woman for directions to a coffeeshop, and she actually had me follow her in her pick up to (okay it was a Starbucks but still). When we parked, she got out of her truck and gave my dog a cookie. It was also not as White as I had predicted. Lots of blondes, yes, but lots of Latinos and Asians as well. In fact, it felt more racially and economically diverse then the hipster, urban neighborhood I live in now. Which I am not planning to leave. Not yet at least. But it’s nice to know I have choices.

suburb city dog suburbs cities dogs suburb city dog suburb cities dogs Marin Marin Marin San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

p.s. those golden hills sure did look pretty – but the dog and I both came home with oh-so-pastoral tics. Hm.

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  1. January 10, 2012 1:43 pm

    It’s amazing how things change. We moved to a mid-sized city when I was in my teens and I spent the whole time wanting to get back to the ‘urban centre’. I did get back there – met my husband there – and we stayed there for a while, then tried the suburb thing and then moved back to the urban centre. But now we’ve finally settled in a place we love and it turned out to be one of those tiny towns I could never picture myself in growing up.

    • January 12, 2012 6:22 pm

      I guess that’s part of growing up – not just realizing your dreams, but realizing that your dreams have changed.

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