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28. Looking back before looking forward

January 9, 2012

Year’s end retrospective listy things usually arrive in that wayward week between Christmas and New Years – when our hands are still covered in paper cuts and the toys haven’t gotten boring yet. But the reality is – I’m a single mom, and that’s the week that the kid are home from school. We don’t call that vacation around here. That’s work. I’m still recovering.

So, a little belated, I thought it would be fun to look back on my first few months of blogging, and follow up on some of my earlier posts.

First of all, the CAG (the Change Artist Grande otherwise known as my mother) has had her cataract surgery. I wondered if I would recognize her without her glasses. I’m happy to report: I do. She looks great. She also looks the same. And now, most surfaces of her house cradle a pair of funky, stylish reading glasses.

dog dog dog dog pit bull pit bull pit bull pit bull dog dog dog

The dog has not been impounded. I had a visit from a very nice, and extremely good-looking dog cop. Evidently, an anonymous someone reported that on a Saturday in October, Charlotte the pit bull had viscously attacked their little doggie in a neighborhood on the other side of the city. The righteous reporter identified Charlotte by my license plate number. How, you ask, did the righteous reporter get my license plate number? Especially since I was out of town with my car for the entire weekend surrounding the incident? It also just so happens that this is a neighborhood I go to, with Charlotte, once a week on Tuesday mornings. What I make up about this is that righteous reporter saw Charlotte in the car on a Tuesday, and assumed that she was the bad dog. This would all have been a simple case of mistaken identity – except that righteous reporter neglected to mention that he/she saw the car on a day other then the day and time of the attack. So a little white lie. Let’s blame the pit bull. Do you feel better about yourself? Yes, I’m still pissed. But hey – did I mention the dog cop was cute?

rose thorns rose thorns rose thorns rose thorns rose thorns rose thorns rose thorns

Fragile Blossom has not relented on her dislike of poor Huck Finn. She must be really in love. It means, unfortunately, that we can no longer carpool. So we can attribute at least a small part of global warming to my daughter’s interesting behaviors around boys.

jack o'lantern  jack o'lantern  jack o'lantern pumpkin pumpkin pumpkinI survived Halloween. And I’m forever grateful for the Halloween Fairy who came after a week and took all of the candy away (in exchange for books). But really, I wasn’t thinking clearly. The Halloween sugar rush was just a warm-up for the month-long sugar orgy that was December. I don’t know yet whether we’ve survived that one. Notice I’ve written very little about Christmas….

I still don’t have a job. Any ideas?

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With much love, looking forward to the New Year,

The Change Artist

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  1. January 10, 2012 11:04 am

    loved it, great reading. Thanks for the retrospect!

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