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40. A little drama for you today….

February 11, 2012

mask of comedy and tragedy, dad, daddy, father, daddy's little girl, grandpa, family life, breakfast

Dramatis Personae 

Fragile Blossom:  Age 5. Spitfire. Chews on own hair.

Me, aka This Change Artist: Older then that. Also known as Notwh0, for various unexplained reasons. Pulls at own hair.

At breakfast, Fragile Blossom eating oatmeal. Dog noses Fragile from under table, trying to get some treats. Fragile bashes pit bull on head with spoon. Dog retreats. This Change Artist is doing dishes (isn’t she always?)

FB : Yesterday, you called grandpa, “Daddy!”

TCA: That’s because your grandpa is my dad.

FB (witheringly): I know. But you called him “Daddy.” That’s what kids say.

TCA: Grown-ups can still call their dad’s daddy.

Fragile Blossom laughs at the sheer absurdity. Pause.

TCA: Do you love your daddy?

FB: Of course.

TCA: And think he’s the greatest? And miss him sometimes a lot when he’s not around?

FB: Yeah.

TCA: Well, I feel the same way about my dad. I love him and miss him, and think still think he’s the greatest.


FB: Even though you’re a grown-up?

TCA: Even though I am all grown-up.

End of scene

(Yep. That’s how it went down. Sometimes life is really good.)

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  1. Wendy permalink
    February 12, 2012 4:30 am

    Lovely! And I love your Daddy, too.


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