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41. Link Love for Vday

February 14, 2012

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Six months ago, the closest thing I had ever come to reading a blog was reading about  blogs in Virginia Heffernan’s New York Times Magazine column, “The Medium.” Oh, sure I’d heard of them. I mean, I saw Julie and Julia. That Meryl Streep – she’s amazing. I had at least two related narratives going in my head about blogs, both of which kept me from them:

1. I am too old.

2. I already missed that boat

What changed? A whole slew of things. My friend Lani Tanaka told me about her blog. My daughter started kindergarten. I didn’t return to my teaching job in the fall. And I came to see that the blog boat is a BIG boat, and it comes back and back and back. It’s like a ferry. Or maybe not a boat at all. Like a big house. Here to stay?

In any case, since then, aside from starting my own blog, I’ve also started to read blogs.  I used to sit down with my green tea in the morning and read that  New York Times Magazine. Now I tend to scan my blog roll. Yes, I write that with ambivlance. I lament what seems to be the death of the publishing industry. But I’m really happy to have discovered some great blogs.

Here’s a few blogs I’ve been reading.

Mommy Blogs

The heavy-hitters of my personal blog world. So many funny and perceptive women out there – some of whom are getting paid and rightly so, for this work. I can’t choose the best for sure, but recently I’ve been enjoying Becoming Cliché almost daily.

Daddy Blogs

Yes, there are less of them then the mommy blogs – but they are equally fun. And, ok, I find my peers-who-are-dads sexy. Yes I do. Check out How to be a Dad.

Writing Blogs

Again, so many good ones. The community of authors who publish Live to Write; Write to Live are all member of the New Hampshire Writer’s Network. Each Friday they pose a question about writing to a panel of….um…. writers. This must make all the social media mavens out there happy, as they are all always telling us to engage readers with an open-ended question. Which, as you may know, I have tried to do now a few times, to a deafening silence. The Live to Write Friday Fun column, however, really is fun – smart questions, smartly answered by the panel – and I always always want to weigh in.


40 acres and a cubicle: you had me at the name.

Bernalwood: Even if you are not a Bernal resident, you should still check out this microblog about Bernal Heights. And Todd Lapin posts all the time: short, sharp, funny, moving, newsy posts. How does he do that? Does he have an implant?

Damp Squid: This blog probably has the biggest readership of any in this list. It’s funny, that’s all. Life funny. Laugh out loud funny. Read it.

Ok? Blogs are good. Read them. Blogs are good. And hey – what’s your favorite? Submit it as a comment. (Is that open-ended enough?)

Postscript: Ok I have to add another one though I probably should wait till the next time I do a similar post. But just found The Serendipity Project, and its a top ten – and I haven’t even explored much. Historic photos of Britain, often found in thrift stores and at tag sales. Very cool.

Courtesy of The Serendipity Project

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  1. February 14, 2012 2:12 pm

    Just noticed that I’m on your blogroll…thanks!

    Here are some of my favourites:

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