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Bernalwood -a microblog about the neighborhood – of general interest to all.

Fictional Impulse — a writer on writing

Giant Freakin’ Robot – for the geek in all of us. What….you don’t have that geek?

How to be a dad  – important instructions

Lani Tanaka – a painter on painting

Maya Stein – poet and creator of 10-line Tuesday

The Culture Bite  – food, food, more food. And sometimes their house.

Becoming Cliche – don’t miss the baby turtles

Next stop, Willoughby – nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.

The Uncle in the Attic – the uncle time travels  from the 19th century. What more can I say?

The Serendipity Project – the source of half of my Pintarest pins. The rest come from Downton Abbey or Star Trek.

The Write Transition – more on writing. great.

Live to Write; Write to Live – and more on writing. This one is very hands-on.

Damp Squid – funny.

40 Acres and a Cubicle – the closest I get to politics these days.

Untapped Cities SF – think the New York Times Style and Arts sections meet the blogosphere. Or something.

Come back soon for more links and maybe even some categories.

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